50 Cent’s Accountant Is Apparently in the Dark About a Lot of His Income

50 Cent
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50 Cent
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

With all the stuff that 50 Cent's accountant, Mai Pho, apparently doesn't know, or doesn't remember, about 50 Cent's income, it makes you wonder who exactly is keeping a watchful eye over the rapper's finances.

In a court session Thursday to determine the punitive damages in a “sex tape” trial in which 50 Cent has already been ordered to pay a woman $5 million in compensatory damages, Pho's memory seemed all over the place during her testimony

She said that she knew that 50 Cent recently sold some of his music catalog for $3 million, but she didn't remember who bought the rights. 


She said she didn't know about the $29 million that 50 Cent loaned to various businesses.

She doesn't know how much money he makes from executive-producing Power on Starz. Nor does she know how much money he made from a recent underwear-endorsement deal. 

Pho's alleged ignornance didn't stop there. She continued to testify that she hasn't a clue how much money 50 Cent makes from music royalties. 

Lawyers on the other side who were questioning Pho took much of her testimony as convenient amnesia, since they're arguing that 50 Cent and his legal and financial teams are intentionally trying to downplay how much money the rapper is worth so that he's not required to pay as much in punitive damages to the woman who appears in the sex tape that 50 Cent reportedly leaked online. The woman is the mother of Rick Ross' son. 


It's also noteworthy that Leviston's legal team didn't have to do much digging to make the argument that 50 Cent is ballin'. In some of their questioning, they specifically referred to photos from 50 Cent's social media accounts, in which he's seen bragging about the cars, jewelry and watches that he buys, and how much money he's made from various endorsement deals. 

It's a shame that one online posting—not irresponsible spending—is costing this man this much money. It should be a lesson that as financially prudent as one can be, being an a—hole can cost you. And I say that with love, from one Queens, N.Y., native to another. 


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