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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
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The ongoing saga between 50 Cent and Rick Ross continues.

TMZ is reporting that 50 Cent is suing Rick Ross for $2 million because Ross rapped over 50's "In Da Club" song without 50's permission. Ross' remix of the 2003 hit appears on a new mixtape he recently put out. 


The lawsuit reportedly claims that Ross used the beat as a way to "drum up publicity" for his next project.

Eh, mixtape, shmixtape. All this sounds like retaliation. 50 Cent seems to be up to his silly ways again. Lest we forget: 50 was recently ordered to cough up approximately $7 million as part of a settlement in a defamation lawsuit filed by the mother of Rick Ross' child. 

The Queens, N.Y., rapper got his hands on a sex tape featuring the woman, incorporated his own narration, published it on the Internet, and was accused of causing the woman a lot of distress and financial upheaval. Soon after, 50 filed for bankruptcy

It looks like 50 is hoping to cash in on this $2 million from Ross to then use the money to pay the mother of Ross' child. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, 50? At the very least, it seems as if 50 likes being the thorn in Rick Ross' side.


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