@50cent via Instagram screenshot
@50cent via Instagram screenshot

Well, I guess all you fans of the hit television show Power will have to keep that Starz subscription a little bit longer, because according to 50 Cent, the network just cut him a check so, so big, it gave him the shakes, ensuring that Ghost and ... ummm ... the rest of the characters I would name if I watched the show will be back for another season.

Rumors had surfaced as recently as this week that the show might be moving to BET because Starz didn’t want to fill up the bag with money. Mr. 2 Quarters had complained earlier this year when writers were forced to cut storylines after Starz refused to give the show two extra episodes. Ten Nickels also blamed episode leaks on the cable network, saying that it was trying to push the show out.


But things in Hollywood can change quickly when they see you packing up your shit and calling an Uber, because Four Dimes and Two Nickels tweeted this out Wednesday:

Of course, this probably had a lot to do with the fact that Power regularly gets 2 million viewers per episode, and if my social media feed is any indication, every black person in the world watches every episode. (Except for the person in the comments section below, who will take the time out to comment how he or she doesn’t watch Power ... then why the fuck are you still reading this? I had to write this, but you know no one put a gun to your head and made you click on the link, right?)

Sigh. Anyway, I guess you can’t cut the cable cord yet. If you hear a strange dialing noise, it is the sound of millions of people calling their family members asking if they can “borrow” their Starz password, like my colleague Yesha Callahan does.

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