Cristi Smith-Jones via Twitter

A kindergartner from Washington state has the privilege of becoming 28 pioneering and accomplished black women for every day of Black History Month.

Each day in February, Cristi Smith-Jones of Kent, Wash., puts a photo on Twitter to show off 5-year-old daughter Lola. The precocious girl pie has already transformed into Rosa Parks, Mae Jemison, Toni Morrison, Nina Simone and Mildred Loving.


“She does very good faces. She does the face she sees in the picture,” said a proud Smith-Jones. “As soon as she got dressed [as Harriet Tubman], she did the face and nailed it.”

Smith-Jones, an amateur photographer, takes a photo with her cellphone and edits it on Snapfeed. Before bed, Smith-Jones prepares the lesson and photo shoot for the next day, NBC Chicago reports.

Mom began the project after Lola came home from school sharing what she had learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in January.


The family wanted to teach Lola about her history but make it fun.

Each night after dinner, the duo spend quality time together re-creating the historical icons and use thrift store clothing or props from around the house.


Lola’s teacher shows the images in class each day with a lesson attached. Mom says she plans to bind the images in a keepsake book.

See all the images here.




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