1st-Year Chicago Teacher's 'Back to School' Video Goes Viral

Chicago teacher Dwayne Reed
YouTube Screenshot

Dwayne Reed's fourth-grade students at Jane Stenson Elementary School are lucky to have such an enthusiastic teacher. Reed, a first-year teacher in the Chicago public school system, wanted to make the first day back to school special for his students. And in doing so, he's gone viral.

Reed, along with the help of a filmmaker, created a music video for his students. In the video, Reed infectiously raps lyrics about what he has planned for his students.


“It’s my first year teaching, so it’s all real exciting. Got some ideas and I’d really like to try them,” Reed raps. “Like making songs to remember what you hear. We’ll be learning so much by the end of the year.

“So we gotta keep it positive. That’s the key. Have respect for each other. And don’t forget me,” he says. “Have respect for yourselves and the staff and the school. Having fun can be cool when we’re following the rules.”

Check out the video below:


Reed deserves all of the apples on his desk this year.

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