Kamala-Con: Maya Rudolph Gushes About Finally Meeting Sen. Harris IRL

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Comedian Maya Rudolph’s impersonation of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris was impressive enough to net her an Emmy last week, but Rudolph feels like there’s still room for improvement—particularly after meeting the potential veep in real life recently.

“I got to meet her, and she is so fantastic. She is so incredible, she is so energizing and I just feel so good to be associated with someone so positive,” Rudolph told ET this week. “I just want to do her proud—just do a good job, no pressure!”

Yes, Kamala-con finally happened! And judging from the sound of it, the meeting affirmed Rudolph’s admiration for the California senator, who became the first Black woman and the first South Asian to be nominated for national office by a major party this past August.


“I definitely tried to make her fun because I do feel that when I see her. You can tell she loves life and she is real and she is honest and she has no problem speaking her mind and being forthright about it, which I think is so important right now,” said the actress and former SNL cast member.

“But she is also so joyful and you see her dancing in the room and all this stuff,” Rudolph continued. “She is just a great human, and I forgot what it felt like to see that and to see something so positive. It feels so good to see her out there.”

It’s unclear when and how Rudolph and Harris met, though as Bustle notes, it had to have been in the last month. In late August, Rudolph shared with Variety that she had yet to meet the vice presidential hopeful, whom she has been impersonating during guest stints on SNL for the last couple years. Her impression of Harris has gotten so popular that, when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Harris as his running mate, Rudolph’s name trended on Twitter along with Harris’s.

“That’s spicy,” she quipped at the time.

The Democratic senator has never said exactly what she thinks of Rudolph’s impersonation but has shared a gif of the comedian playing her on the debate stage in 2019.


The 46th season of SNL premieres on Oct. 3, with Chris Rock scheduled to host and Megan Thee Stallion performing as the musical guest. Rudolph teased that fans might see her bring back her “fun aunt” version of Harris back to the stage. Though of course, if Rudolph had it her way, she’d play Harris for many years to come.


“I am really hoping [Harris] is around for a long time,” she said.

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Lukewarm Takes

I know I am not adding anything new, hence my name, but Maya Rudolph is a god damned treasure. Her role of the hormone monstress is phenomenal and hearing some interviews on recent podcasts with Conan and the Smartless guys just makes me love her even more. I could hear her say “bubble bath” as the hormone monstress forever and always laugh.