Watch: Here’s an Exclusive Clip From Atlanta’s ‘RobbinSeason


Atlanta is back Thursday, March 1, on FX. We were all reeling from excitement and wanted more when the new trailer for the show dropped recently; luckily, The Root has an exclusive clip in celebration of the highly awaited second season!

With an innocent and almost chilling cover of Rae Sremmurd’s hit “No Type,” this clip, “Choir,” offers fans another glimpse of the happenings this season with our favorite characters, Earn, Paper Boi, Darius and more. We really can’t wait and are counting down the seconds until season 2—aka RobbinSeason—is here. Check out the preview below:

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Richie Rich

I can’t wait… What HOOKED me last season was when Earn wanted to buy a kids meal and the register chick wouldn’t let him. Remembering the days of only having a couple dollars and “stealing” soda made me really wax poetic. LOL I can’t wait until it returns!