World of Wakanda! Marvel Releases the Black Panther’s Family Tree (and There’s a White Bro in It!)

Art by Khary Randolph; colors by Erick Arciniega (Marvel screenshot)
Art by Khary Randolph; colors by Erick Arciniega (Marvel screenshot)

Just days before the film opens wide to all of black America, Marvel released the family tree of T’Challa, also known as the Black Panther, for all the world to see.


And like many of us who do our own DNA test or family tree, there’s a surprise or two (oh, hello, white brother) dangling from its branches.

Marvel breaks down the history of Black Panther in its comic form, but then goes waaaay back into his lineage with the video.

The Black Panther made his first ever appearance in the contentious FANTASTIC FOUR #52 alongside Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. Two years later, he teamed up with Captain America for the first time in TALES OF SUSPENSE #97 before Steve Rogers visited Wakanda one issue later in #98.

In 1968, just two years after his debut, T’Challa rose to the highest ranks of super heroism when he joined the Avengers in issue #52 of the team series. The King’s rise in popularity continued, and after working alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for several years, Black Panther got his own solo series with JUNGLE ACTION in 1973. A different king—Jack Kirby—then took over as writer, artist, and editor of another new series for the hero with BLACK PANTHER.

It all begins with Bashenga, and flows on from there.


Long live the king!

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Adopted white brother? We have been following this film for quite some time, and y’all are just gonna let Disney slip that in just before the film’s release? Apparently, according to Marvelpedia, this is a thing:

After the birth of T’Challa, Hunter knew he wouldn’t be the one to rise to the throne. Feeling cheated he developed a deep jealousy for his adopted brother. In an attempt to upstage T’Challa, Hunter drove himself to be the best Wakanadan possible. It was this fervor that led to T’Chaka appointing Hunter as leader of the Wakanda’s secret police, Hatut Zeraze. Hunter from that point was known as the White Wolf.[1]

Is this all so Disney can produce a sequel featuring White Wolf to appease everyone crying white tears about Black Panther even being made? Color me verrry suspicious about this.