Hannibal Buress Asked Cops for an Uber—Then Got Arrested for ‘Disorderly Intoxication’

Jordan Strauss/Invision/FIle/AP Images
Jordan Strauss/Invision/FIle/AP Images

What a difference an Uber ride makes. Comedian Hannibal Buress’ arrest in Miami this past weekend may have stemmed from a request for the ride-sharing service.


TMZ got its hands on the Buress-arrest affidavit, which says that Buress came up to one of the arresting officers with alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes and asked the cop to call him an Uber. The cops says his refusal to do so made Buress upset.

Buress was in town for Art Basel, Miami’s annual international art festival.

From TMZ:

The cop goes on to say Hannibal then went inside a bar, which the cop says he asked Hannibal to leave since he was too drunk. The two then made it outside, where the officer says Hannibal continued to hurl profanities at him and caused a crowd to form.

The cop says he asked him to leave 5 times before cuffing him.

It’s unclear why Buress would be prevented from entering the bar; what if he was trying to get someone else to call him a ride?


Cellphone footage of the comedian’s arrest shows Buress leaning against a cop car, his hands cuffed behind his back, asking officers what he’s being arrested for.

One officer tells him he was being taken in for “trespassing.”

“You know y’all goofy as fuck, right?” Buress tells the cops, adding that they don’t have “probable cause” for anything.

Once at the station, however, Buress ended up being booked for “disorderly intoxication.”

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