Judge of Characters: Oh God, Wait ... Am I a Hotep?

This week, besides having to scroll through all things Rumi and Sir Carter, I learned that Madame Tussauds doesn’t care about black people, particularly Beyoncé, Prince, Denzel Washington and any other black wax figure they’ve made. Dr. Umar Johnson may just be a doctor after all. It took some digging from The Root’s Michael Harriot, but he found the Ph.D. and admitted being wrong about challenging the “Dr.” in “Dr. Umar.”


That still didn’t stop everyone from calling out Umar for allegedly saying on The Breakfast Club that he had to renew his doctorate, in the way you’d renew your Costco membership.

While you’re zooming in on Beyoncé’s belly button, you should zoom in on Umar’s credentials. I did ... and I might be a bit of a Hotep because I found myself nodding at some of the things he says. Dear God, help me. Above, watch this week’s episode of Judge of Characters—a digital show that passes judgment on pop culture through the lens of Black Twitter—to see why.

Pretty. Witty. Girly. Worldly. One who likes to party, but comes home early. I got stories to tell. Prince (yes, that Prince) called me excellence. Achievement unlocked.



I am calling it now: Dr. Umar Johnson will be the Democratic candidate against Trump in 2020. This is not a good thing. Johnson’s initial longshot candidacy will touch a cord with black millenials ground down by 4 years of Trump, Sessions, and Democrats ignoring them. As Sanders, Warren, and Biden split the white Democrat vote. Johnson scoops up the Southern states on Super Tuesday. Sanders hangs on like the asshole he is, defeating Biden’s chances to defeat Johnson. They both concede and Johnson is nominated by a reluctant DNC. I warned you all. Do not underestimate Johnson.