Where’s the Lie in Damon Wayans Jr.’s Tweet?


It seems as though you can’t even joke about the Fourth of July and its racist Founding Fathers without people saying things like, “You should be appreciative that you’re here in the U.S.,” and Damon Wayans Jr. found that out really quick.

The actor posted a tweet on the Fourth that got a few people’s britches in a bunch.


On top of those replies, there were some “Go back to Africa” tweets thrown in, you know, from those feeling extra ’Merican on the Fourth of July.


But like Wayans said, it was a joke, but real.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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The NYT did this dumbass writeup about what Independence Day meant to people across America (lol ok). I’m not going to link to it because it’ll just piss everyone off for the rest of the day. I’m beyond people equating patriotism with the military and more than beyond people refusing to see the parallels between patriotism and racism.

I’m second-generation. My parents never put up a flag on the 4th or made me wear some Old Navy t-shirt. Our family got together for a good meal and we were all happy just to be together. It was nothing more and it was nothing less. My family made it over here by their own blood, sweat and tears and we don’t owe America shit.