106-Year-Old Woman’s Wish Granted When She Gets to Meet the Obamas

President Barack Obama, Virginia McLaurin and first lady Michelle Obama
YouTube Screenshot

Virginia McLaurin’s dream came true when she got to visit the White House and meet President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. The meeting happened last week as part of the White House’s Black History Month festivities. McLaurin, who’s 106 years old, shocked the Obamas when she proved she was still as spry as ever. McLaurin came to dance, and dancing is what she did.

“Slow down, slow down!” the president warned her.

She wasn’t having any of that.

McLaurin marveled at the president and said she’d never thought she’d be in the White House.


“And I tell you, I am so happy,” she said. “A black president. A black wife. And I’m here to celebrate black history. That’s what I’m here for.”

“You have just made our day, you know that?” the first lady told McLaurin. “That energy. Man.”

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