Tweet referencing Steph Curry’s little girl that got Twitter user fired

Another day, another social media user getting fired because of his own stupidity. This time it wasn’t because someone went on a racist rant but because someone directed a homophobic slur toward an innocent toddler. And the toddler in question was Riley Curry.

Twitter user Moe Wahdan is obviously a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and decided to tweet Steph Curry’s sister, Sydel Curry, when she announced that they were about to travel to Cleveland for the upcoming game.


And Wahdan decided to refer to Riley as a f—got.

Because some people on social media aren’t too bright, it was easy for another user on Twitter to find Wahdan’s now-former employer.

Apparently Wahdan worked in real estate and was employed by Holton Wise. But it doesn’t seem like being fired is a big deal to Moe Wahdan:

Hope his “real” job doesn’t get wind of what happened on social media.