180 Days: Hartsville

Hartsville, a rural town in South Carolina, is the focus of the documentary 180 Days: Hartsville, airing tonight on PBS. The two-hour special focuses on two elementary schools that are struggling with meeting new curriculum standards and maintaining funding while addressing the needs of individual students.

According to statistics, the state of South Carolina currently ranks 45th in the country in education, and the majority of Hartsville’s residents are living at or below the poverty line. The documentary, which was co-produced by South Carolina ETV and the National Black Programming Consortium, shows just how hard Hartsville is fighting the odds—and winning—with an astonishing 92 percent graduation rate.


“With poor children now representing a new majority of public school students, it is more critical than ever that successful models in education be explored to ensure the American dream is attainable for all of our children,” said Jacquie Jones, co-director and executive producer of the film. “Hartsville has proven that if the right forces in a determined community come together to put children first, tangible results will follow.”

Take a look at the inspiring clip below:

180 Days: Hartsville airs Tuesday on PBS from 8 to 10 p.m. EDT.