First lady Michelle Obama (center) and President Barack Obama greet supporters as daughter Malia (left) looks on after the president delivered his farewell address in Chicago on Jan. 10, 2017. Barack Obama closed the book on his presidency with a farewell speech in Chicago meant to lift supporters shaken by Donald Trump’s shock election.

Eight years ago, the Obama family walked into our lives with dignity and grace. And on Monday, President Barack Obama, with first lady Michelle and daughter Malia in the audience, took his last bow.

As the cameras panned the audience at McCormick Place in Chicago, you were hard-pressed to find a dry eye. As many of us sat at home and watched from our televisions, it was hard to grasp the fact that President Obama's time in office will end in just a few days, leaving us with God only knows what—for the next four years.


Those on social media Tuesday night expressed not only joy and gratitude for Obama's presidency but also sorrow for the mere fact that there's this PEE-OTUS coming into office soon:

Will there ever be another president like Barack Obama? That's something we won't know until it happens. The only thing we can hope is that his presidency has inspired a generation to come, and that someday, someone starting a presidential term will stand in front of the podium, with Obama looking on from the audience, realizing that he gave her or him hope.