(The Root) — If Beyoncé makes some kind of infinitesimal change in her daily life or appearance and her fans aren't around to see it, will it still make the news?

That's a trick question. Thanks to social media, everything Beyoncé does will always captivate the Internet, and people will devote an entire day, at least, talking about it. Beyoncé could tie her shoes with one bunny ear bigger than the other and people would write entire online dissertations on what it all means.

This is what's going on now. Twitter has been buzzing about Beyoncé’s new haircut (or her new wig — we're not sure which it is yet) since she debuted it on Instagram last night. Twitter folk spent the first half of the discussion talking about her hair — whether they like it, what made her do it, whether or not every other woman on earth will now cut her hair off, too — and the other half making fun of all the hoopla with hilarious hashtags.


First, Ebony writer Jamilah Lamieux mused on all the inevitable articles that will be written about Bey's new look (tagged with #BeyHairHeadlines). Articles about what Beyoncé’s haircut means are sure to pop up in the coming days (as if it can't simply mean that she wanted short hair for a while), and Twitter came up with some hilarious potential titles.

Later in the day, this article surfaced saying that Beyoncé cut her hair short because Miley Cyrus did it. When this news broke, Twitter instantly went on the attack, ripping the media's recent tendency to attribute everything black (twerking, gold teeth) to Miley's hungry little hands. Folks spent some time listing all the other black things that we might as well give Miley credit for, tagged with #ThanksMiley, which was soon a national trending topic.

See? We got a full day's fodder all because Queen Bee cut her hair, and the day isn't even over yet! Join us tomorrow when Beyoncé tweets a picture of herself eating a piece of bacon, and the Internet implodes.

Miley Cyrus gave Patti Labelle her famous hot sauce recipe #THANKSMILEY

— S.J (@ImThatDudeTho) August 8, 2013

Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.